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Sugar in the morning?

We often get a lot of questions that ask for recommendations on what to eat and when. This is obviously a difficult question to answer because it depends on such a great variety of things.

The first is are you trying to lose weight or are you trying to gain it? How old are you? How early in the morning are you waking up/ how late?

Understandably this is quite a hard question to answer. Nonetheless, there has been a plethora of research that is now reporting that it’s always best to have sugary foods earlier during the day.

Our bodies slow down a lot as soon as the sun sets, and the same goes for our metabolic system. Try and have your sugary foods in the morning as your body is able to digest and break it down better.

This is also related to the size of your meals, try to have the biggest and most caloric meals earlier in the day and smaller and lighter meals later at night.

You will see a significant difference in digestion and overall energy fluctuations over your day!

Try it out!


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