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Should I do long-distance with my partner?

Deciding to do long-distance with a partner is a very difficult decision for some people. There might be times in life that might present itself as the only salvageable option to keep a relationship going.

Whether its because your partner decided to go study abroad, their job moved them abroad for some time, whatever the reason may be, this is a situation that many couples face every day.

The reality of it is that your communication must be very clear on what the terms of the long distance relationship is and what you are looking to get out of it.

Once both of you have agreed on the terms of the long-distance and when and what you will both do on your given time to do everything you can to put your effort back into the relationship then your long-distance will begin.

Starting a long-distance relationship without previously understanding and defining boundaries will cause a lot of undue stress and difficult to manage fights because of it.

The complications with long-distance develop based on the expectations of each person and making sure that each person is receiving the full extent of those expectations.

Have a serious talk with your partner about how you guys will make it work and be realistic about the positives and negatives about it when embarking on such a difficult journey!


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