Do you drink enough water?

Making sure that our diet is up to par with our physical output means counting all our calories and making sure that we’re moving towards our much-desired goal of either gaining, losing or maintaining weight.

An important aspect of any diet is the content of water that you decide to intake.

How much water should you be taking? and how much is too much? There have been rare cases in the news of people dying from drinking too much water.

This is usually because of some type of drug intake that has caused them to believe that they are dehydrated and creates the illusion that the dehydration is way more intense than it actually is.

For someone performing standard exercise that isn’t taking in enough water, they will not be performing properly.

More than that depending on the level of dehydration more serious illnesses can develop from serial dehydration.

Healthline has a really good piece of content that talks about specifically what you would need to drink every day depending on your body weight and size.

Here is the resource:

We’ve also just recently made two fanastic posts that we recommend all our readers to read about two icons that we hold very close to our heart.

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Also, to go back to how much water you should drink in a day we wanted to add a very informative video that has helped us with our opinions of how much water we should all drink here at healthfitmag.

Let us know what you think of everything we’ve written and if theres any way we can keep helping you out! Don’t forget to get any tech gadgets to track how much water you’ve drank in a day.

How much water to drink in a day.

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