Why it’s important to have basic squat mobility

Why is squatting properly important? We see many questions relating to this topic online. Many people wonder if they are squatting properly as it is one of the most basic exercises that people do at the gym. 

Squatting properly is one of the most basic essentials of going to the gym for the first time. Making sure that your knees aren’t pushing too far forward and that you are sitting into your hips. 

It is often the case that many people ignore certain workouts because they are afraid of hurting themselves or because they simply don’t know how to complete them. 

What do we recommend? Always getting someone who is a licensed physical trainer or someone who has proper experience in the gym to help you find the proper way to do exercises. 

Unless you are gifted with mobility and flexibility, doing a proper deep squat will be a significant challenge. Making sure that your hips are mobile enough to allow you to properly allow you to hit any level of depth will not be easy. 

You can’t forget that squatting isn’t only restricted because of mobility in people’s hips! People with bad knee mobility, tight hamstrings, tight quads and bad ankle mobility will also develop poor squatting mobility. 

Should I even be squatting? What if I don’t want to workout legs? 

Before we get into all the ifs and buts, we recommend that everybody should be doing some type of leg exercise. Only putting in the effort to work out your upper body will cause significant problems for you later in life. 

Not having a solid trunk to properly hold your upper body will cause significant limitations to your athletic performance and capabilities. This will be further enhanced the longer you go without working out your bottom half. 

Doing a simple exercise like bodyweight squats will allow you to see if you’re capable and will allow you to start your strength progression. Squats are also known as compound movements which means that by doing squats alone you will be working out a group of muscles. 

Squats work out your quadriceps, your hamstrings, your glutes, your lower back, and a small part of your core. So by choosing to do this simple exercise you are working a large part of your muscles. 

How does one get proper squat mobility? 

We watched a lot of videos and would want to recommend the best video to you to make sure that you receive the best advice. 

Increase squat mobility forever

Let us know what you think about this video in the comments. 

The main thing to take away from this video is that you need to be working on your mobility. You need to recognize where you feel tight when you are attempting to perform a squat and work on improving the flexibility of that part. 

Adding a simple flexibility routine to every night or every two nights will show significant improvements in your flexibility. This would be a great way to start off on your mobility and flexibility journey. 

Working on building strength and stamina for your legs will help you prevent injuries in your day to day. If you consider how many times a day you pick up bags, clothes or anything, it is absolutely imperative to develop proper strength in your lower body. 

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