Should I workout alone?

People often worry about their performance in the gym and whether they are doing enough for results to be properly developing over time.

The answer to that question only depends on their effort every given day and how consistently they are getting to the gym.

Bringing a partner or a friend to the gym will be beneficial if they lift similar weights and if they go at the same speed.

We have to be conscious of our limits and not try to push past because there is someone there with us that does more than we do.

Bringing someone that has more expertise in the gym and can help you with your form and will keep you motivated when you feel like quitting will be extremely beneficial.

The best thing you can do is go to the gym with someone that will keep you accountable, while you keep that other person accountable and you both grow as a result.

If you decide to go workout on your own make sure to keep yourself accountable with some type of tech.

Adding a simple piece of tech that helps you track your heart rate to make sure that you’re hitting a level of phsyical exertion that will lead to changes in your body is crucial.

Another thing that is crucial in terms of working out a lone is making sure that you’re motivated! What gets you going in the gym? Is it music?

Is it being around other people that are lifting heavier or that have already reached your fitness goals? Thats up to you to decide.

Make sure you have that visual with you at all times and that keeps you pushing at the gym like there is no tomorrow.

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