How to get a smaller waist – The healthy way (2020)

A “small” waist has been a much desired physical trait through the ages as it creates a more of an hourglass look that is considered attractive by many.

There are also other reasons for trying to lose some inches around the waist, for example: if you’re holding onto a bit excess fat around that region which can increase the risk of cardiovascular issues, or for females, after giving birth, they might still have that baby weight and they are trying to reduce it; because let’s face it, we are automatically more confident when we feel good with the way we look and possess a healthy body.

How to Get a Smaller Waist

A lot of people do want to get a tinier waist, but they’re not sure where to begin. Every internet article you’ve gone through has something more to add, so you’re scared and have dropped the idea completely. Do not fret! As we have prepared a thorough guide containing everything you will need to embark on your journey of getting a smaller waistline. The perfect plan will bring changes to 3 sections of your life: 1. your diet, 2. your exercise regime, and 3. your styling preference.

Part 1: Switch Your Diet

When aiming for weight loss or body shaping, a large number of people opt for various fad diets, diets where they tend to starve themselves for multiple hours, harsh intermittent fasting, and just in general, a lot of harmful diet plans. If you’re looking to tone your body, it’s important that you focus on what you eat and in what quantities.

salad bowl with feta cheese

You should be informed enough to make knowledgeable decisions regarding what you’re putting into your body. Don’t pick up any diet plan off the internet and get into it because you might not see noticeable changes (which happens the majority of the time). Never starve yourself, that’s the worst thing imaginable that you can do to your body. Instead, opt for healthy foods containing lots of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Follow this direction in particular:

Eat Smaller Portions but More Frequently

An interesting fact: Eating all throughout the day in smaller quantities helps the dieters feel fuller, which in turn helps them to focus less on food and they eat less. It also increases your metabolism, helping the body to burn calories fast!

If you’re depriving yourself of the basic necessities your body needs to function, most of the time you will end up overeating when there’s food in front of you. Dieticians recommend eating healthies, smaller meals throughout the day so you don’t harm your body and also don’t rebound and end up eating a lot later (the guilt is immense, trust us).

Include lots of vegetables and fruits in Your Diet

You’ve probably heard this from every single motivating weight loss video on social media, or from the YouTube videos claiming to help you cut off a shocking amount of weight in a suspiciously short amount of time, and they’re very much right this time. Emphasize on incorporating loads of greens and fruits into your meal plans. This can satiate your hunger better and longer, provide your system with fibers and phytonutrients without adding excessive carbs or fats to your body.

poke bowl with salmon

Fruits are rich in antioxidants, the benefits of which is twofold: it does wonders for the immunity of your body ridding it off any cancer-causing radicals, and the advantages of antioxidants found in many fruits, vegetables, and nuts may include manipulating the fat cells of one’s body in such a manner that reduces obesity and helps keep the heart healthy. Spinach, kale, lettuce, and other leafy greens, mushroom, carrots, beans, asparagus, and many more veggies can play a key role in assisting you to get that flat tummy and small waist. 

Start Your Day Early with a Nutritious Breakfast

Beginning your day early with some balanced breakfast will not only set your body up with enough nourishment for the early hours but also help with the weight loss process. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you have to get this right.

If you’re looking to lose weight fast and effectively on top of aiming for the smaller waistline, we would also suggest taking some water mixed with apple cider vinegar and lemon early in the morning before you take anything else (even before the coffee).

bowl of healthy fruit

Apple cider vinegar has shown good results in a lot of people who have consumed it on a daily basis, even though the results haven’t gotten any medical acclamation. Some ideal breakfast according to us would be:

  • Try a bowl of cereal with an apple and some homemade juice to avoid the sugar-filled and processed ones available in stores.
  • Simple avocado toast and a fruit smoothie.
  • Try out yogurt with honey/artificial sweeteners if you’re craving something sweet.
  • Whole eggs are rich in protein which can be considered the building blocks of your body. Scramble your eggs with a little chive, or half boil them to put on top of some multigrain bread. Experiment with them because eggs are a really versatile ingredient. Avoid anything that would require you to use excess oils. Opt for olive oil or coconut oil if you need to.

Take Healthy Fats

While going on a diet, a lot of people make the mistake of excluding fats from their diet completely. That is a big mistake, as fat is essential nutrient providers for the body, giving your body energy and also the ability to absorb vitamins.

plate of nutritious food

They’re just as important as protein and carbohydrates. Although, it’s known that fats do add inches to the waistline. Under these circumstances, you need to be wise and pick out the healthy fats, the ones that the body needs to function properly and also for weight loss.

Monosaturated fats like the ones found in avocados, nuts, soybean, and seeds have proven to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. Polyunsaturated fats, like the Omega-3 fatty acid, are essential for you and can be found in fishes such as mackerel, salmon, herring, etc. Avoid trans-fats because they accelerate the rate with which fats store in the body. Be careful about the fats you are consuming but never skip on them totally. 

Prepare a Balanced Meal Plan

As mentioned earlier, you need to consume food to lose weight, to begin with. Make healthy changes to your diet; include more protein because it boosts metabolism, consumes high quantities of vitamin-enriched foods, drinks adequate water, consumes good fats. Abide by a healthy diet and reduce your calorie intake in order to see noticeable results.

Fitness experts swear by the fact that exercise can only do so much for a small waist, but the diet plan is the first and foremost thing you need to get right if you want to achieve your goals. Don’t rely on fad diets.

man mixing salad

The optimal weight loss you could have each week is about one to two pounds, so try not to go under that line by making your body adhere to too strict a plan. You could also use various mobile applications to track the number of calories you’re consuming regularly so you can have control over it. Don’t eat too many fruits because those also have sugar.

  • Start your day with something light but fulfilling (which we have discussed in depth in the previous section), and have something larger for lunch, and make dinner the lightest meal of the day. The reason for making your dinner somewhat the “healthiest” meal of the day is that post-dinner, you go to sleep and you’re potentially motionless; your body is now functioning slowly to process all the food you’ve taken it. Easting a heavier dinner could result in unhealthy fat accumulation as your system isn’t able to absorb it properly.
  • For lunch, try chicken breasts with a side of sautéed vegetables. Chicken breast meat is rich in protein and lean meat (meaning it’s low in fat). Apart from that, chicken contains a good amount of calcium and phosphorus. Add vegetables to the diet to give yourself a completely balanced meal.
  • For dinner, you can choose between everything from a healthy soup, to a really complicated salad dish. Tofu/chicken/fish curry without oil is also a great option. You could also quickly put together a serving of fruit salad. Try to steer clear of the fattier meats like beef.
  • If you’re wishing to end the meal on a sweet note, take a bite off your favorite dark chocolate. Don’t worry! Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, and even though it’s a lot of fat, it can help reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Pick something with more than 70% cocoa.
  • Fibers are your new best friend. Incorporate more veggies in the diet. We are reiterating because this is extremely important.
    1. For small snacks throughout the day, try healthy granola bars (not the extremely sugary ones that are basically devoid of any nutritional content), assorted nuts, fruits, and full-fat yogurt (it tastes better and loaded with healthy probiotic bacteria). If it’s a midnight snack (the most harmful ones), avoid ones with high sodium content. You could always just fix yourself a peanut-butter sandwich instead of reaching for another container of Pringles.
  • Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drink lots of water.
  • There are some foods that attack your waist and thighs directly, that is why it is essential to ignore those during the diet. Don’t indulge in anything that might not give you energy and just only add to the fat.

Foods to avoid during your diet: Fast food, chips, dips, pasta, full-fat dairy and cheese, enriched grains, alcohol, rice, sugary goods like milk/white chocolate, soft drinks, bagels, donuts, candies, etc.

Processed Foods are a Big No-No

From the earlier sections, we have made our hatred for processed food (in this particular topic) very evident. Nothing’s better than coming home after a long day, just plopping down on the sofa with your favorite bag of chips as you watch an interesting match.

We get that, but you also need to understand that processed foods like chips or even instant meals are high in sodium, sugar, and just way too many carbs. They also have a high amount of starch content, which when paired with sugar, not only slows down the weight loss process but also helps toxin buildup in the body.

Steer clear of things with the words “non-fat” because usually, those are the worst ones. They might not have that high-fat content, but the amount of sugar and carbohydrate is too much.

The nutritional value is negligible, the salt causes bloating due to water retention in the body. Not all frozen meals and meats are harmful, but if you’re looking to get a smaller waist, we recommend going through the ingredient list to be aware of what you’re eating.

Part 2: Creating an Exercise Routine

Apart from diets, exercise goes a long way in shedding those extra pounds, flattening your tummy, and eventually gaining that thinner waist. Not only does it burn calories, but exercising has been linked to many other health benefits, including stronger bones, reduced risk of several diseases, improved overall organ conditions, etc.

For getting a smaller waist, you need to focus primarily on toning and strengthening the muscles near your abdomen: the upper, middle, and lower equally. A perfect mix of static exercises, stretching, and body-dynamic exercises are what you will need in this journey. You need to commit to a regular routine of exercising if you wish to trim that waist.

That means no skipping out on the small exercises or taking a day off every other day because “you are already exercising”. Patience, determination, and discipline is key. On the other hand, if you’re being too hard on yourself and exercising gets rigorous for you, the body will react in opposite ways. You will be demotivated and deviated from your goal.

Try not to exhaust yourself while attempting to work out. A great way to overcome this is to create a regime from the very beginner level and gradually build yourself up, getting to the more intense exercises later on. Your body is likely to react to the exercise if you are consistent and diligent. 

Here are some points you should focus on:

Increase the amount of cardio you do

You cannot lose inches from your weight if you are not losing weight overall since there is no way to target the specific weight in any part of your body. Cardiovascular exercises are definitely the best exercises when it comes to losing weight, and making the body healthier.

man doing cardio

Walking is the best exercise for beginners and you could very easily incorporate it into your life. Instead of taking the usual commute to work, try walking the rest of the way. Take frequent walks to relieve yourself from the burden of sitting around all day. It’s a lower-impact exercise so it won’t fatigue your muscles but does provide great results.

A survey conducted on 20 obese women concluded that walking three times per week for about 50-70 minutes has decreased waist circumference and body fat by almost 1.5% and 1.1 inches. The best method to lose weight by walking is by doing so on the trail, or outdoors and keeping your heart level at a slow to medium level.

Jogging and running are both cheap and convenient exercises you can add to your routine. Both have been known to burn calories and also help burn harmful visceral fat – usually known as belly fat. To begin, try to jog for 20 to 30 minutes three or four times a week.

Cycling is a super popular exercise which is famous not only for the weight loss benefits, but also strengthening of leg muscles as well as improvements in stamina. It’s great for all fitness levels and it’s low-impact, so don’t worry about tiring out your joints that quickly.

Choose the Right Exercises

Your main objective is to decrease your waistline, thus, not all exercises are the best for that. Include ones that target your transverse abdomens and the set of oblique muscles in your body, because those are the ones in charge of the waistline. Sets of crunches, planks, and twisting can reward you with the thin waist you have been dreaming about.

Heel Touchers:

This targets the obliques and abdomens and helps give your body the appearance of an hourglass. Lie down, bend your knees pointing them towards the ceiling, and your legs slightly wider apart than your shoulders. Rotate your right hand down to your right foot, and do the same with the left one. Continue and do sets of 20/25 reps each.

Simple Forearm Plank:

The plank is a great exercise to help you flatten that tummy as well as strengthen your core. Start in a kneeling position. Twist your elbows to 90 degrees and pitch forward to put your hands and lower arms on the floor. Broaden your legs behind you with toes tucked under. Distribute the weight in your hands equally by spreading your fingers apart, making a steady base.

Standing Cross Crunches:

This exercise will focus on your abs, hip flexors, and obliques. Burn fat thighs as well as shed belly fat. Begin by standing up straight with your feet hip-width separated and your hands behind your head. Curve your right leg and lift your knee as high as possible. Rotate your torso and make the knee and elbow meet. Repeat on the other side and continue rotating sides until the set is finished.

Windshield Wipers:

This one is quite easy and helps sculpt your abs, lower back, and the oblique muscles. Lie on your back and put your hands 90 degrees out from your shoulders. Lift your legs off the ground, bending the knees as if you were sitting on a chair. Rotate your legs left to right, but do not let them touch the floor. Repeat 25-30 times to complete a set.

Bend and Kick Back:

The bend and kick – otherwise known as the donkey kick, is a great way to work on your overall lower body. Strengthen your spine and tone your glutes with this amazing exercise.

Get down on all fours on the exercise mat and fix your wrists under your shoulders while the knees take the same position under the hips. Make sure your spine is straight. Raise your left/right leg up with the knee bet and foot flat to make a sort of kicking motion; kick like a horse. At this position, contract your glute muscles and hold for a while.

Contract your glute muscle at the top of the movement and hold for a count of one. Come back to your beginning situation without contacting your knee to the ground and repeat. Do 12 to 20 reps with both the alternate sides.

Twist Crunches:

This needs you to lie on your back and twist your knees up while keeping your feet level on the floor. Take your fingers up to touch your ears and gradually contract your abs, lifting your torso off the ground.

When you’ve reached the point from where you can’t lift it up anymore, contract your side muscles and go softly to one side. Put your torso back to the floor. Repeat on the other side. You can do ten to fifteen reps each for a set and just one to two sets at the beginner level.

Side Plank:

Quite similar to the other plank we have mentioned, this one specifically targets the extra pounds on the side of your waist. Begin by lying on your side with your knees bowed, and prop your chest area up on your elbow.

Lift your hips off the ground, and hold that position for 6 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this move three to five times to make sets of your own. As the level of difficulty rises, you could hold the plank for more than 60 seconds at a time too.

Side Stretch:

Stretching is an important exercise to retain the good shape of your body. Side stretches are particularly best for the obliques. Place your feet at shoulder-length apart.

Raise your right arm sideways and bend your torso, lifting the arm and up towards the sky. Maintain the position for several seconds and gradually move back to the beginning position. Repeat on the alternate side and repeat 10-12 sides to make a set. Do two or three sets.

Torso Twist Stretch:

This one works on the transverse muscles as well as your obliques. Cross one leg over the other and place the foot of it against the ground. Bend your left leg while stretching the other.

With the help of the left hand behind you, twist your upper body to the left and bring the right arm over the knee that had been bent. Be careful not to strain yourself. Wait for about ten seconds before reverting to the first position. Repeat on the right side and do five to seven reps to form a set.

Cobra Yoga Stretch:

The Cobra Yoga Stretch, also known as the abdominal stretch is very fruitful in stretching the rectus abdominus. Lie down on your stomach and keep your hands close to the shoulder joints. Propel your upper body up by pushing your hands against the group but keep the pelvis and hips attached to the floor. Pause for ten to fifteen seconds (increase the time as you get more accustomed to it). Repeat five to seven times.


These are amazing for toning all the abdominal muscles but are more on the intermediate side due to the issue of balancing your feet above the ground several times.

Lie down with your legs flat but the arms stretched over the head. Do a crunch and lift your torso and legs off the floor, contacting them with your arms. Return to starting position and repeat ten to twelve times. Since this can be slightly challenging, try it with one leg at a time if it gets too much to handle.


Your transverse abdominal muscles will thank you for this workout. Lie down with your hands aligned to the rest of the body. At this position, bend your knees slightly while bringing them up.

Raise one of them to about 45 degrees and the other should be almost two inches off the group. Due to this alternating movement replicating a scissor, this move is aptly named so. Repeat about 20 times for each leg.

Working your belly muscles does raise the speed with which you might achieve a “slimmer” waist, but it also builds up the muscle, giving a “wider” appearance to your hips.

When exercising, pay attention to the things you are doing and have knowledge of the effect they can have on your body. Even though you cannot choose to trim off your waistline exclusively without going through the entire weight loss/ exercise process, there are some exercises that were designed to affect your lower body. 

In addition to that, attempt to work on your shoulder muscles and upper body to give yourself that perfect hourglass. Pushups and bench dips can be very useful (but slightly intermediate level) exercises. Apart from that, Pilates is considered to be one of the best exercises to tone your abdominal muscles.

Rock hard abs or a cinched waist, everything is achievable with Pilates and Yoga. Dancing has also proven to be a good workout to aid in burning calories. You don’t have to learn it anywhere. Just play some tunes and break out your favorite moves. Added bonus: You might become a decent dancer as a side quest on your way to your main goal. It’s necessary to be immersed in the exercise and not slack off if you want to get anywhere.

Part 3: Styling to Look Slimmer

Styling smartly to accentuate specific parts of your body to look a certain way is an old trick from the clothing hack book. You might be surprised at how some simple accessories worn a different way, or clothes with different cuts may make you appear like someone with a nice, thin waist.

woman wearing jeans

If you’re not careful about the way you dress, even if you’re super toned and have a sculpted set of abs, you might still appear bulky. Dressing wisely can be a notable way with which one can create the illusion of having lost a significant amount of weight almost overnight (it’s all in the way you pull it off!). Make some tweaks to the way you wear your outfits and notice all the difference!

Wear a Belt:

The number one secret to slim dressing is proportion. Adding a belt with your dress or normal jeans with tees will accentuate the waist. It draws the eye towards the particular area and creates the illusion of a toned hourglass figure.

You can pick out belts of different designs, range of colors, and unique variations that go with each of your looks. Pair a nice, skinny, flowery patterned belt with your sundress, or go for a bejeweled one if you’re heading to a party in a gown or even pantsuits! Reach out for a wider belt in case you are tucking your shirt on. One great thing about belts: they never go out of fashion!

Dark-Colored Bottoms:

If you’re thinking about wearing a very vibrant colored top, pair it with some dark pants or skirt. Darker colors make you appear slimmer while the bright colors on the top will demand attention, thus making your waist appear significantly smaller.

Reach Out for Monochrome and Monotone:

Single solid colored clothes make the body appear taller, thus, much slimmer. This gives that overall toned effect. 

A-line Dresses:

A-line dresses are tight in the hip region but more flared out as they reach the hem of the dress, giving the illusion of that smaller waist. Flattering on almost all body shapes, these dresses come in many patterns and colors and can be your new go-to. They pull the attention towards your waist while blurring out the issues (like the occasional hip dips or love handles) here and there.

Try High-Waisted Pants:

Pants are one of the most popular clothing items and high-waisted ones are is the trend right now. Low-rise jeans can be somewhat unflattering on people who have the slightest weight around their middle region as it can create the feared “muffin-top” effect.

Make high-waisted pants your top pick as they hug your body in the waist region and give it a much “fuller at the bottom but cinched at the top” look. Not only does it achieve the purpose of “trimming” your waistline, but it also makes the bum appear rounder and cuter.

collection of jeans

The plan is to prepare your waistline to feel complimented so appropriate clothes, and sucking in your tummy while walking results in a serious reduction of the waist. Opt for clothing that helps your body maintain its posture instead of letting it flab around.

Experiment with Wrap Dresses:

Fashionable and flattering, wrap dresses tighten around your waist and give you that much-coveted lean appearance. They come in various colors and sizes and look good on all body types mostly, especially women with apple-shaped bodies.

Wear the Right Size:

We know how uncomfortable one might feel after they’ve put on a few extra pounds. They try to hide it by wearing more loose garments, but that doesn’t make the situation better. Instead of ignoring the fact, wear clothes that cinch you near the waist as well as tight tops because not only do they make the waist look tinier, they also act like constant reminders that you should get onto burning some extra calories.

Dresses with Panels are Celebrity Secrets:

Many celebrities on various occasions have chosen to go with dresses with a lighter color on the midsection but darker panels near the ridges. These dresses do wonders in making the waist seem “smaller” and trick everyone into thinking that you have that perfect hourglass body.

Pencil Skirts and A-line Skirts Should be Your Wardrobe Staples:

Office meeting? Pick out a single solid-colored pencil skirt. Part with friends? Pick out a classic black skirt and pair it with a cute crop top and jacket. You can never go wrong with these skirts, and they’re almost universally flattering while helping you appear much more toned and sculpted.

Corsets are Cute and Effective:

Investing in a corset can be a good idea as in the long run, wearing those for a prolonged period has shown results in overall waistline reduction. Many women have taken up corsets as a key part of their waist-training regime.

If you wish to try it out, make sure it’s under proper guidance. Don’t go on buying any corset that is being advertised by some famous influencers on the internet.

Many times, those are too tight even for the smallest of the waists and just result in prolonged body pain and awkward posture. You don’t want to feel breathless in your corsets, so pick out the right size instead of forcing on onto yourself.

Peplum Tops and Dresses:

These stylish attired have also been a celebrity favorite. It’s a clever style that hides the thick waist, making your stomach look flatter and waist much more cinched.

Love Your Bodycon Dresses:

Bodycon dresses are sexy, classy, and guaranteed to make you look attractive. They are also great helps in camouflaging excessive a thick waist and provide an illusion of that beautiful hourglass figure by hugging your body in the right spots (curves that need to be accentuated). 

Nude Pumps All the Way:

We know you’re thinking we’re just being nonsensical at this point, but have you ever wondered why all those celebs are just showing up everywhere with beige shoes? The answer is: the color of the footwear gels well with their skin tone, making their body appear longer. Hence, overall, they look taller and slimmer. Plus, they go with almost everything! 

Spend on Some Shapewear:

Give “shapewear” a go. Majority good lingerie stores will have their own selection of shapewear designed to support the figure and smooth out any problem-zones.

Quality shapewear will permanently take inches off your waistline. You can wear them under any type of clothing as long as it hides the undergarments. Opt for ones that match your skin tone and make them a regular thing under your clothing options.

Apart from all these helpful guidelines, you should always concentrate on what you are putting your body through.

Set your alarm and get plenty of shut-eye, eight hours at least every night and fix a time. Don’t deviate from your routine a lot because it will mess up your metabolism, the pace with which the body will process the food.

Move around every other hour to cut off sitting time. Sitting at the same place for a prolonged period means you are not using your energy, not giving your body time to expend the calories you have consumed.

A study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise claims that jobs that require you to stand the majority of times help in preventing weight gain and those job-holders burn nine percent more calories than the ones sitting. So, move your muscles and let them expand.

Final Thoughts

You’ve mustered enough willpower to go on a strict diet and exercise plan to shave some fat off and get a cinched waist, and you’re doing everything to achieve that goal.

Stress is bad for all regions of the body, the brain, and your mind but only good for the enzymes that contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body. Don’t have a meltdown over not losing weight in the span of a few weeks. Sometimes, these things take time. Stick to the routine, live a healthy lifestyle and it is confirmed that you will observe amazing results very soon.

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