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How often should I work out?

It is always hard to answer general workout questions because there are so many variables that can play into this possible answer.

The first is your age, how experienced are you in the gym? What are your goals for the gym? Do you have any injuries or are there any exercises that you cannot do for some reason?

To answer in a general fashion, someone who is starting to work out and is a beginner in the gym should go around two to three times a week and see how they feel after it.

A massive variable that also plays a massive part in how the person feels depending on their goals at the gym is the intensity that they bring to the gym and how hard they choose to push themselves every time they step inside the gym.

For someone who is more experienced, training two or three times a week might not be enough and you might not even see significant changes even after important periods of intensity.

It all depends on your goals, your level of current fitness and what you are looking to get out of the gym with the possibilities and tools that are available to you.

Now that we’ve considered the basic variables, when we’re starting off in the gym the most important thing that we want to focus on is form.

Making sure that we’re doing every exercise in the right way is absolutely crucial to your development in the gym. Not only will it improve the quality and speed of your gain in strength but it will prevent injuries.

Starting off with compound movements is an ideal way to start off at the gym. Compound movements are exercises that involve multiple muscle groups.

By working a few compound movements you could potentially have a full-body workout. For someone who is just starting out in the gym this is extremely beneficial.

Making sure that we’re getting our mobility right, that we’re able to properly use the muscle the way its been built and grow without worrying about injury.

Not being careful with how our bodies are responding and moving through exercises is the easiest way to get injured. Incorrectly performing an exercise with a heavy load is a perfect recipe for disaster.

Staying safe while enjoying yourself is a very important part of the gym. Both of these variables will allow you to keep coming to the gym with high spirits and motivated to keep learning and growing.

We hope you have fruitful workout sessions, but do remember to pace yourself, work on your mobility and stay motivated because gym goals are usually long term goals.


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