Healthy Vegan Pancakes

There are a lot of people that wake up in the morning and the first thing they eat is some bacon and eggs, some cereal with milk or a bagel with cream cheese.

All of these are quite standard breakfasts. While all of these don’t have necessarily anything wrong with them unless you eat too much of each there is always room for improvement.

Here at healthfitmag we love trying to find things that make our readers better. Adding a simple vegan breakfast to your morning routine will provide a great variety of nutrients along with an energetic start to your day!

So what ingredients are there in this recipe you ask? Only 3! Thats right! Only 3 ingredients. We’re gonna use Oats, Bananas and some type of vegan milk alternative so almond/oat/soy milk will do the job.

You will blend all of these in a blender (1 cup of both oats and milk, and 1 ripe banana) and boom! You’ve got pancake batter. You can obviously add whatever else you want to it for more flavour or more of a kick.

We usually add at least some cinnamon and at times protein powder depending on our routines.

Let us know what you think of the pancakes in the comments if you make them!

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