5 reasons to do Crossfit

There’s a reason people are leaving standard gyms and joining crossfit gyms. The reason is that it works.

Whatever they are doing, whether it is the level of community, the attention to detail, the shortness and as a result intensiveness of the workout – It’s working.

Crossfit has been a functional organization for over 20 years and has been growing at an alarming rate. So why is it working so much? Could it be better than normal standard gyms?

In my personal opinion, I believe that few people can bring it upon themselves to get an intense workout every time they go to a standard gym on their own.

Perhaps they don’t exactly know what to do, and as a result, they just end up doing things that they like doing and at normal intensity.

This creates a standard of complacency – yet in Crossfit when there is a coach yelling at you, a class full of people that are older/less fit doing exercises you can’t things are different.

You push because everyone else is pushing, and everyone pushes because you’re pushing. That is the magic behind CrossFit – the community.

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