Senior Citizens and Preventive Measures

Winter Health Hazards for Senior Citizens and Preventive Measures

Our seniors are responsible for building the epitaph upon which we build our future. This goes without saying that we have to take utmost care to ensure that we stand by them and assist them in the best possible way when they need us.
Winter is one season that brings along with it a number viruses including that of infection and flu. The aged are most prone to health hazards during this season. That is why optimum precautions have to be taken to protect them from the harsh winter and the negative effects that this weather inflicts on the aged people.

For taking the precautions, it is imperative that you be aware of the common health problems that the elderly face in the first place during this season. Just read on to know that.
• Painful Joints
• Hypothermia
• Sundowning and Seasonal Affective Disordering (SAD)
• Cold and Flu
• Heart Attack
So here an attempt is made to bring forward the various things that the seniors should do in order to stay safe during these months.
Extra Dose of Vitamin D – Vitamin D is one of most beneficial nutrients that can be used for cancer prevention, bone health development, prevention of incontinence, blood pressure stabilizing and diabetes prevention. The best way to obtain Vitamin D is by exposing skin to direct sunlight.
There are a number health hazards that can crop up because of insufficient exposure to sunlight. These may include the conditions like SAD, high BP and increasing joint pains. In order to prevent a deficit, the senior person should intake food with a Vitamin D stash. You can also get extra dosage of Vitamin D in milk, juice or yoghurt. You can also include the supplements prescribed by the doctors but ensure that they get the vitamin in the right amount to reap the maximum benefits.
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Keep the Body Warm – It is essential to wear higher layers of clothes to keep the temperature high among the elderlies during this season. To protect the joints from the tremendous cold, woollen gloves, socks and hats are absolutely necessary. If the room is not warm enough then Hypothermia can even occur indoors. Proper heating arrangements should also be made as winter strikes. Face mask should be used by those who have respiratory conditions. This way spasm can be prevented among them.
Encourage Physical Activity – Seniors seem to withdraw into shells with the onset of winters. But remember that weight gain can occur because of a sedentary lifestyle and this can result in pain in the joint and other related complications. In order to keep the joint lubricated and moving, physical exercise is a must. Core exercises, strength training, low impact aerobics and stretching can help them to be strong, energetic and healthy.
Go for Preventive Vaccination – There can be serious health risks among the elderlies like cold and flu during the winter months. Prevention is necessary under such circumstances and the most significant one among them is to get vaccinated. You can get vaccination for flu in many local pharmacies as well as in the doctor’s office. At the time of purchasing, make sure that you are taking it from a reputed online medical store so that you get an authentic and reliable product. These are designed for the elderly as they are more susceptible to illness because of their weakened immune system. This provides an extra protection to fight infections.
The above are some of the potential health hazards and the preventive measures that you can adopt to make sure that the aged stay healthy even during the winters.

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