garlic in ear

What Happens If You Put Garlic In Your Ear?

Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is an ingredient that is very often used, it treats colds, flu with due to its antibacterial properties, as well in many medical situations.

There is no better cure than the natural one. Here is one miracle coming from old medicine. We give great tips that will amaze you with it’s practically and its effect:

  • Garlic removes pain in ears, helps with headaches.
  • Unpleasant feeling having pain in the ear. Garlic clove reduces and removes it in a moment. Simply, put cleaned garlic clove in your ear – it fits perfectly in ear, as ear plug.
  • You will notice that pain and inflammation passes in few minutes, and you will feel heat spreading through the ear.
  • This method cure headache. Put in the ear before going to bed and let garlic remains in the ears overnight. You will feel brand new in the morning.
  • Garlic lowers the body temperature. Ideal for children, chop garlic slices, soak them in apple cider vinegar and place it on the legs and the ears of your child. Temperature disappears very quickly.

Cure cough with garlic. Garlic juice-effective natural cough syrup. Make it with this recipe.



1 head of garlic

2-3 tablespoon natural honey


Peel the garlic, cut it, put it in deeper bowl and pour the honey. Cover the bowl with foil or a plate, leaving it at room temperature overnight. In the morning, strain the mixture through thick gauze or strainer.

That is one dose for a single day. Take one tablespoon of this syrup every two hours, or may be more if you can do it often. For sure in no time you will breathe easier.

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