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The Perks of a Fall/Winter Facelift

Benefits of Facelift Surgery

Definitely, when it comes to the benefits of a facelift surgery, they are not as obvious as it seems. Actually, they are subjective and they tend to differ greatly from one patient to the other. For sure, the main goal here is to appear better, but usually, what matters more for patients is to heal within a short time.  Sure, the trick here is to ensure that you follow the right post operation care tips; however, there are other things to consider like the time or season you choose.

When you are getting ready to invest in a surgical procedure such as a facelift, you would surely want to do something that is in your power to ensure you have the best possible results. You should know that the time of your surgery could also have an impact on the recovery phase. In the case of a facelift in Atlanta, the best time for your surgical makeover is usually in the later months of the year. If you are planning to go under the knife, here are some reasons why you should schedule a facelift for winter or fall months as an option for you.

Less Sunshine

When it comes to a facelift procedure, it is often necessary that patients remain out of direct sunshine for a longer period, or until their skin heals. Especially if you have a sensitive skin type, then you will be prone to sunburns easily, which could prolong the recovery time and make your scars stand out for an extended period of time. Scars that are exposed to the sun tend to sport a permanent change in color afterward that makes it more visible over the long term. In addition, discomfort with warmer temperatures could make the recovery time short and downright unpleasant, unless you have some HVAC or air conditioning system in your home.

Spend More Time Indoors

It is important that you make more time for the recovery as one of the primary keys for a successful facelift procedure. However, during summer months, you need to know that indoor recovery could be difficult, at a time when the weather is warm, with hot beaches. It is best that you schedule your appointment with your Plastic Surgeon during a winter month to make sure that you do not miss out on any outdoor activities during the recovery period.  In addition, more cosmetic surgery patients enjoy the cooler weather as it keeps them away from sweat and they can curl up in their bed with a popcorn, movie and warm blanket that keeps them warm and cozy.

Celebrate the Holidays with Your Loved Ones

You should give yourself a treat during this time with a facelift to enhance your appearance and not to mention, enjoy a stay-at-home vacation. It particularly may be enjoyable to indulge in that quiet time before the hectic part of the holiday season rolls in. Some facelift patients also opt for this surgery as a New Year’s resolution and take some rest after the holiday season is over.

Covering Up

When the temperatures drop, fashion trends also change into scarves, turtlenecks, long slacks, and hats. Usually, these items help to make it easier to cover up those scars and the swelling during the recovery phase. In the cold weather, winter-clothing is also more effective when it comes to protecting the skin from the effects of sunshine and the elements as they heal. Often, in some areas, the weather to wear sweaters extends from the month of October through April, providing enough time to pursue a facelift before the skin-baring trends come back into fashion.

Recovery Time

Most patients find that it is easier to enjoy a private time of recovery during fall and the period of winter months when business may slow down and holidays present better opportunities to take the time off. A cooler season or weather keeps people indoors, so this also makes it an ideal time for you to heal. You will not have to encounter neighbors or friends who were unaware of your facelift plans. In addition, opting for the facelift in shorter days with less harsh conditions will make it easier for you to enjoy your time at home with take-out meals, movies and other activities that make the time of recovery bearable.

Note that a vital component to a successful cosmetic procedure of any kind is ample preparation and planning. As you schedule your surgery during cooler months, the recovery time is a lot more feasible and you should rest assured that you give your cosmetic procedure the best chance for success.

If you are searching for a skilled physician for your procedure, it is best that you consider a board-certified surgeon. You should contact an experienced surgeon who has performed surgeries on a number of patients.


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