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RDX Leather Gym Gloves Review

Review About RDX GYm Gloves

RDX is one of the sporting giants in UK. With the production of equipment for boxing to MMA and gym, it caters the fighters with clothing and other sports accessories too. Gloves are the most important accessories that a fighter need because they protect the hands from the major injury during training sessions or workouts.

To build an athletic body, RDX has created leather bodybuilding workout gym lifting gloves for amateur body builders and lifters. These gloves are well gripped and they are designed in a flexible manner that would protect hands without weighing them down. When it comes to durability of materials, RDX gloves are the best choice. They are made of cowhide leather material that would add up to the durability of the gloves.

Padding is an important feature of gloves. It mainly helps you to stay away from serious injury and shock. RDX gloves have different layers of padding according to the sports such as MMA, boxing and fitness. Those gloves are made flexible for the fighters and trainees so that they can move their hands freely and do better workout. The purpose of gloves is not only to protect the hands from shock but also, they give extra support to your hands. Therefore, the extra-long wrist strap is there for the support to do strength training or powerlifting. The straps are designed in a way that they can be buckled up easily and do not burden the hands.

Usually other sports brands really don’t really care about the sizes but RDX sports provide you four sizes that would vary according to fight weights. So it gives you the option to select the appropriate size for your hands for better protection and injury-free to fight well.

Keeping in mind the purpose of gloves, the color scheme has been designed like that. The red and black body building workout gloves gives you a combination of elegance and power. The black is usually seen as an elegant color and red tells indicates blood and power. Of course, RDX is not making gloves for any other purposes than to serve the MMA, boxers and fitness freak people.

RDX sports is one brand that does not compromise on the quality. If you are planning to become a boxer or if you are a professional MMA, RDX sports is a one stop shop to buy the best equipment for your suitable sports.


Despite being one of the best sport brands, these gloves have some pros and cons too:


Useful for amateurs in body building

Designed in a way that hands could move freely


Long strap will fasten too tightly

Not offered in many colors or designs

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