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Everlast ELITE LACED TRAINING Boxing Gloves Review

Everlast Boxing Gloves Review

Boxing is a big name in the world of sports and it has as many fans as other sports have. But we can say that boxing is a noble art of fight. It requires too much stamina, techniques and hard work that ultimately pays off.

Everlast is a well-known American brand in sort of fight sports equipment and it is a big name in boxing manufacturing and suppliers. They started in 1910 and more than 100 years they are in this business. They are manufacturing combat sports equipment like Boxing and MMA equipment. They are famous for manufacturing boxing gloves.

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Everlast ELITE LACED TRAINING GLOVES are one of top selling boxing gloves Everlast has. These are 18 oz training gloves. This glove has a really good wrist support and it is also really a good looking shaped shell, which helps optimal fist placement. Some 18 oz boxing gloves feels very odd but this one feels very nice. You can easily open your palm and really good fist position. Its thumb curve make your hand in actual punch position, which is really cool.

They really nailed the design of this glove. When you use this glove for training purpose and hitting the bag then fist position is amazing that it doesn’t harm your wrist. The design of the glove and stitching is not the best as this gloves come in $129 and I was expecting a far better quality for this type of price point but I noticed that it is the case that wear last product and sometime not built well but it looks good.


So further this glove is made of synthetic leather, which is supposed to be lot more variable than some of their regular synthetic leather. It’s a really well padded glove but it is little bit dense. These gloves are hard as they will create a severe injury. These gloves are very comfortable but I don’t think so they will last long time.

For me these gloves fit very well and that will overcome some of the other issues. But from the price point they could have done a lot better quality of glove.


  • Very well Fist Position
  • Thumb Curve is Good
  • Comfortable
  • Very Well Design
  • Excellent wrist Position


  • Not Well Stitched
  • Not Long Lasting
  • For that Price Quality Could Have been Good.


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