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15 Amazing Benefits of Olive Oil You Will Be Shocked To Know

Olive oil is one of the best oil which has several benefits and using olive oil in your daily routine will help you to save from several diseases and also help in the curing of so many diseases.

Bottle of olive oil and olives.

Check out below 40 amazing benefits of olive oil you will be shocked to know;

  1. Those people who drink olive oil daily will never fall into Intestinal cancer.
  2. If you feel too much tiredness and weakness in your body then olive oil massage will help you to feel fresh.
  3. If your baby is weak then massaging with olive oil will make your baby stronger and healthier.
  4. Olive oil is useful for body growth, facial beauty, and skin diseases.
  5. If you are feeling swelling then use olive oil on affected area then you will feel reduce in swelling in no time.
  6. Olive oil is a miracle for those whose eyesight is weak. Use two drops of olive oil into eyes before going to bed and also helps in the curing of cataracts.
  7. Itching disease will be gone if you massage daily with olive oil.
  8. Olive oil is useful for those who are facing bally off. Also, egg yolk with garlic and merge it with olive oil will be useful for bally off.
  9. If your hair is going white then use pigments olive massage.
  10. Massage 3 minutes on the palm of foot then you will get rid of glasses.
  11. If you will feel a headache then massage 3 minutes on foot palm, after that you will feel no headache anymore.
  12. 3 Minutes foot palm massage will sharp your memory.
  13. If you feel back pain and ankle pain then massage 3 minutes on foot palm daily then you will feel no pain.
  14. Your sexual power will be increased after using 3 minutes massage on foot palm.
  15. Use 3 minutes foot palm massage on your babies, it will increase their health and they will sleep well in the night.
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